Jeff Yaus

contact: jeff @ this domain

I'm a Web UX architect and front-end developer by trade. Currently I work at Vistaprint, as a Domain Architect on the Site team, and as the development lead for our User Interface Library team, which maintains our design pattern and component library.

My day-to-day is presentation-tier work, heavy on CSS/HTML/JavaScript, and interfacing with the application tier using C# via ASP.Net and Sitecore. I also overlap heavily with the design and UX teams, acting as a bridge between the design and development worlds. I worked prominently on the team that pioneered mobile web development at Vistaprint, and continue to advance responsive design and cross-device development here. I've also pioneered much of the accessibility support at Vistaprint.

I have particular interest in UX development and design, browser support, mobile web development, and Web accessibility.

In the past I've worked at similar roles for Upromise, Merrill Lynch, and D. E. Shaw Financial Technology. Before that, I worked in the video game business, as a game designer and assistant producer at Looking Glass Studios.